So This Is What It Would Be Like To Spend A Day With Josie Canseco

January 19, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

This Video Of Josie Canseco Is A Dream Come True

We've all had that fantasy of spending the perfect day with the perfect girl. Whether it’s spending the day out and about or spending the entire time indoors, each of us has dreamed about what we would do with our dream girl. If you’ve ever closed your eyes and wondered what it would be like to spend a day with the lovely Josie Canseco, feast your eyes on this video.  

Now if you’ve never heard of Mike Stud, you aren’t alone. And to be honest, if this video didn’t contain Josie Canseco then there is no way in hell I’d be watching it. It was probably the best move Mike Stud could have made to further his musical career. I have to say that this video pretty much sums up what I would think it would be like to spend the day with Josie Canseco. You’ve got Josie Canseco playing in a park wearing cut off shorts and a white shirt with no bra, Josie Canseco taking a bubble bath, Josie Canseco trying on clothes, Josie Canseco putting on makeup while wearing thong underwear, you know everything that you would want to do with Josie Canseco given that chance.  

While probably the vast majority of us will never get to hang out with Josie Canseco, at least we have this video. And do what I did, turn down the volume and play whatever song you want, every song works with this video.


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