Jessica Alba Has A Fantastic Ass And We Should All Praise It

January 20, 2016 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Everyone Should Pay More Attention To Jessica Alba's Ass

We all know that Jessica Alba is one very beautiful and very sexy woman. But I have to admit that I feel kind of bad about her hotness right now. For you see, I have spent years worshipping Jessica Alba’s boobs that I haven't really paid much attention to Jessica Alba’s ass. And after seeing her glorious ass in yoga pants, I feel terrible for not giving it the same amount of attention.  

I place the blame squarely on my own shoulders, it’s totally my fault and I feel bad about not knowing how great Jessica Alba’s ass looks. It shouldn’t have taken me seeing her amazing rear end in a pair of really tight workout pants for me to give it high praise. While I doubt anyone would be upset with me for putting most, if not all, of my attention towards Jessica Alba’s breasts, I should have taken the time to enjoy the whole package. Jessica Alba isn’t beautiful and sexy simply because she has amazing cleavage, looks incredible in a bikini top or bra, and I hope that one day she will go topless on the big screen, no she is beautiful because of all of her. That includes her wonderful, wonderful rear end.  

So, I promise from now on that I will do my best to give Jessica Alba’s ass the attention it so deserves. She’s one beautiful woman with one beautiful ass.  

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