Yes. I'd Love To Stare At Hannah Davis In A Bikini in Hawaii

January 15, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by l-l-skelton

Fuck it's cold! I've really grown to hate this time of year. When you're a kid and really stupid, you love the snow 'cause you can jump in it, make snow angels, snowmen and throw snowballs. Man, kids are dumb. Then you get older and the lack of sun, work commutes, shoveling and trying to get your car started really takes the fun outta winter. Who do I have to blackmail to get a job in Southern California? Miami and Texas would've been nice options but one is a hurricane magnet and the other is...Texas. 

Hawaii I'd settle for in a heartbeat, especially if hot supermodel Hannah Davis is there like she was recently. As the pictures we've provided show, she was in the Aloha State for some fun in the sun while getting her pics taken, frolicking on the beach in various bikinis! She's hot enough to melt our fleshy South Poles! The Sports Illustrated cover girl is the current side piece to retired Yankees infielder Derek Jeter. This isn't how the whole fuck a famous athlete thing works, Hannah. Once they stop playing sports, they're pretty much useless, unless you enjoy hearing old stories about A-Rod injecting HGH in his scrotum. 

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