Please Let Charlotte McKinney In A Wet T-Shirt Be A Sign She's Going Topless

January 15, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Come On Universe, We Are Ready For Topless Charlotte McKinney

Sometimes in life all you can do is just believe that something is going to happen. You know have no control over it, but when you see a sign that your dream might come true, all you can do is believe. After seeing this wet t-shirt photo of Charlotte McKinney all we can do is believe that she is going to go topless this year.  

Look, if you believe that the universe gives us signs of things to come, then you have to believe that seeing Charlotte McKinney’s boobs under a wet t-shirt means that one day in the near future we see Charlotte McKinney’s boobs sans wet t-shirt, or regular shirt, or tube top, or bikini top, or any top of any kind. We all have to believe that Charlotte McKinney is letting us know that she is ready to completely change the world by taking her shirt off. Please be letting us know that it’s going to happen. It is without a doubt that we will continue show off her awesome cleavage in bikinis that are just barely bikini, but I really, really, really want to believe that 2016 is the year we finally see Charlotte McKinney topless.  

So, Universe if you are listening, we are ready for it. If you are giving us the sign that Charlotte McKinney is ready to show us her incredibly boobs, then Universe we are ready to see Charlotte McKinney’s boobs completely and unobstructed.  


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