Is Gaby Hoffmann Doing Gymnastics Or Just Showing Off Her Bush?

January 15, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Where Are Your Panties Gaby Hoffmann?

Yes, Gaby Hoffmann is on the ground, not wearing panties, and showing her bush off to the world; but my question is – what the hell is Gaby Hoffmann doing on the floor?

I will say this; the picture is both a really great angle and a really terrible angle. You get a view of Gaby Hoffmann’s downstairs, but it’s not the best angle for her face. I think she might trying to do some kind of gymnastics, like a somersault or handstand or something, and they caught her mid-roll, which is a great time to see that she’s not wearing underwear, but not so great in the face department. It’s like when someone takes a picture of you right before you sneeze. Also, why in the world is Gaby Hoffmann doing gymnastics while not wearing underwear? I guess when Gaby Hoffmann is in the mood to do some rolling around on the ground, nothing can stand in her way.  

To be honest, I really didn’t think this was Gaby Hoffmann when I first looked at it. I did a bunch of searching to see if there was someone else named Gaby Hoffmann showing off their vagina, but it is in fact Gaby Hoffmann and her vagina.  

Via taxi driver movie

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