Let's All Worship At The Temple Of Juno's Hotness

January 14, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

No Matter Her Name, Juno Temple Would Still Be Super Sexy

Did you know that Juno Temple’s real name is Juno Temple? I had honestly thought it was a stage name, but nope, it is actually her name. My whole reasoning behind why I though it was a fake name is because she knew she was going to be so hot that everyone would want to worship at the temple that is Juno’s hotness. 

You have to admit that the name Juno Temple does kind of sound made up. And yes, I know that all names are made up, but you know what I’m saying, let’s not get all technical. It’s one hell of name and truly does fit her to a T. I mean, when you close your eyes and picture what someone with the name Juno Temple should look like, Juno Temple instantly pops into your head. Though to be honest, she could have picked name she wanted and we would love her and all her hotness. I mean, she could have decided to change her name to Ugo McNotsexy and I’d go on and on about how hot Ugo McNotsexy is.  

You know I had always feared that Juno Temple would be stuck forever playing high school students because she has a young face, but she made it a point to remind everyone that she is an adult. That’s one of the reasons I will continue to worship at the Temple of Juno’s hotness.  


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