Time To Play "Who's The Hottest?" 2016 Golden Globes Edition!

January 11, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Emmy Rossum's Tight Dress, Katy Perry's Cleavage, Zoe Kravitz Boob, Who Will Win?

It's hard to believe that the 2016 Award Seasons has already begun, but alas it is here and you know what that means.. It's time to play everyone's favorite game - Who's The Hottest? In my mind I can hear all you clapping with excitement. Thanks for that, but enough applauding me, let's get to the beauties from the red carpet.

First Up, we have the beautiful, talented Kristen Dunst. That's some mighty fine cleavage, Kristen Dunst. Might fine, indeed.

Nicole Scherzinger went simple with this black dress, accented with gold jewels and her incredible cleavage.

At first glance Rooney Mara's dress might be that sexy, but is that a nipple I see...

Gabrielle Union showing off a little leg and a lot of cleavage.

Many are saying Katy Perry was a "worst dressed" this year, but I think her dress is smashing.

Kat Graham and her cleavage will have you purring with excitement.

Gillian Anderson went with a little see-through and a little cleavage to make one hell of statement.

Emmy Rossum might be showing that much skin, but damn she is a beautiful woman.

Last and certainly not least, Zoe Kravitz goes see-through and braless to give us a nice little peek at her boobs.

Wow, this one is pretty tough. The competition is fierce and each of the contestants are so incredibly beautiful it's make it really hard to decide. Of course the real winners are all of us because we get to see each of these women looking incredibly beautiful, but there has to be a winner. Give me a second... Okay... The winner of Who's The Hottest Golden Globes 2016 edition is... Zoe Kravitz! I would give second to place to Emmy Rossum.

Do you agree? Is there someone we missed? Let us know who you think was the hottest from the Golden Globes.

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