We Should Declare 2016 the Year of the Boobs Because of Charlotte McKinney's Cleavage

January 8, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Staring at Charlotte McKinney's Boobs Is a Great Way to Start the Year of the Boobs

Even though I have no real powers of authority over anything in this world, I’m going to go ahead and declare 2016 the Year of the Boobs. This declaration will not change much in your daily life—it simply means that you should really spend a little more time gazing upon awesome boobs. To get your start, please enjoy Charlotte McKinney’s boobs barely fitting into her dress.  

There is no better way to start the Year of The Boobs than with Charlotte McKinney. I have a strong feeling that I’m not alone in hoping that this will be the year Charlotte McKinney will finally go topless for something. It doesn’t matter what she sheds her shirt for, just as long as we finally get a chance to gaze upon the glory that is Charlotte McKinney’s boobs. I’m actually a little surprised we didn’t get a peek at her one breast thanks to this dress. They must have reinforced the top with some elastic bands or something because it looks it like could blow at any moment. That would be one of the most beautiful wardrobe malfunctions ever in the history of all recorded time.  

You know, sometimes I feel kind of bad for Charlotte McKinney and her incredible rack. You know it has to be hard to find regular clothes that can cover her massive boobs. Then again, maybe Charlotte McKinney doesn’t want to cover her massive boobs. And why would she want to cover them? It is the Year of the Boobs, after all.  

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