It's Probably Hard To Clean A Room When A Nude Stella Maxwell Is Walking Around

January 7, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Kind Of Hard To Focus On Anything With A Naked Stella Maxwell Is In Front Of You

I’m not a big fan of messes. Whenever I visit someone’s house or apartment and walk in to find a mess, it’s really telling about what type of person they are and most of time they end up being the kind of person I don’t want as a friend. But I have to say that if I walked into an apartment to find clothes all over the place, open suitcases, and a nude Stella Maxwell, I would probably find a way to deal my issue.  

You know, I should probably spend a little more time considering why the space is a mess instead of just wanting to start cleaning. You could have a lot of work to do, it could be laundry day, Stella Maxwell could be walking around with no clothes on. I mean, if Stella Maxwell is walking around nude, posting those nude pictures of herself on Instagram, it sounds like that would take up most of your time. Cleaning is probably the farthest thing from your mind and we can all understand. When Stella Maxwell ass and Stella Maxwell side boob is out there isn’t much else anyone would be able to focus on. At that point, you’d probably need to remind yourself to breathe.  

So next time you walk into a room and find a mess, don’t get upset. There might be a nude Stella Maxwell walking around close by.  

Via Stella Maxwell on Instagram

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