Looking at Sexy Pictures of Jennifer Lawrence Never Gets Boring

January 6, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Staring at Jennifer Lawrence's Cleavage Is a Great Way to Spend a Day

Doing something over and over and over and over again can get really boring and quite tedious. Most people don’t really like repetition and understandably so, but when it comes to talking about how sexy Jennifer Lawrence, I can go on and on an on and on.

Jennifer Lawrence and her amazing beauty is something I don’t think any of us ever grow tired of. I mean, have you ever been in a situation where someone was like; “Hey, Jennifer Lawrence is hot, we should talk about how hot she is,” and you replied, “Ugh, no thank you”? Yeah, that doesn’t happen. It’s like when you sit down at your computer or grab your phone and you want to look at some beautiful women, you instantly type “Jennifer Lawrence sexy” into whatever search engine you use. Jennifer Lawrence and her cleavage are like your favorite warm sweater, a fresh cup of coffee, a good night’s sleep—no matter how many times those things happen to you, it's always an amazing experience. You may have other sweaters, you’ve had hundreds of cups of coffee, and you sleep every night (well, you should sleep every night), but you love it each and every time. Same thing is true for seeing Jennifer Lawrence show off her amazing, sexy, beautiful, and stunning good looks.  

I’m pretty sure I could spend an entire day, if not a week, if not a month, doing nothing more than looking at sexy pictures of Jennifer Lawrence. While some might see that as not being productive and contributing to society, I say this: Jennifer Lawrence has amazing cleavage.  


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