It Might Be Cliche, but Pauline Ducruet Topless Is Royally Hot

January 5, 2016 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Pauline Ducruet Shows Off What Makes Her So Royal

I really do hate to be cliché. I mean, I try to avoid being cliché as much as I can. But sometimes you don’t really have a choice and you just have to embrace the cliché. And this is one of those moments, so bare with me folks, because we are taking a non-stop train to Clichéville: Pauline Ducruet has royal boobs!  

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, but damn it, it works. In case you have no idea why I'm calling a topless Pauline Ducruet royal, it’s because she is the eldest daughter of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, her grandmother is Grace Kelly, and she is 12th in line for the throne of Monaco. Yep, her boobs are not only royal, but they are actual royalty. I wonder if there is an official royal boob piercer, though. I mean, Pauline Ducruet has a pretty sweet nipple piercing and I’m wondering whether she went to any run of the mill tattoo and piercing parlor or if the royal breast of Pauline Ducruet only be handled by certain members of the royal staff. Also, if you have to be a member of the royal staff, how does one get that job? Is it a standard application process, or do you need to be from a long line for royal nipple piercers?  

It’s important to remember that clichés do come from somewhere, I mean no one thinks of a cliché out of thin air. And while it’s best of avoid them at all cost, sometimes it’s okay to be cliché, especially when being cliché involves Pauline Ducruet topless.


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