Is Brittny Gastineau Slipping Nip A Sign Of A Naked 2016?

December 31, 2015 | Posted in Celebrity by l-l-skelton


Fame is fleeting yet so desirable. The things people do for attention. "Leaked" sex tapes. Reality shows. multiple pregnancies, Viral videos. Social media accounts. Donkey shows. Any kind of publicity stunt that doesn't require talent, basically. It's a little bit easier if you come from a rich family. Who needs to learn a skill when you've the cash to party, get a TV show and have your every movement captured on camera? Why has the universe cursed me with this peasant existence?!!! Why didn't I major in socialite instead of journalism?!! Fuck me!!

It always helps that most of these fame seekers are hot pieces of supreme ass. Take Brittny Gastineau as a great example. She starred on E!'s Gastineau Girls back in the mid-2000s and continues to be a professional famous person. Again, what a sweet gig!! Gastineau went frolicking on some beach at some exotic locale I'll never visit while wearing a hot, red one-piece. She was nice enough to let her right nip free so she can get her name back in the news after, like, forever. Go all the way in 2016, Brit! Don't let those awful Jenner/Kardashians win! A graphic sex tape featuring some 69, cowgirl, anal, dong sucking and creampie action would certainly do the trick. At the very least, I'd be nice to look at!  


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