Best of Reddit: What's the Weirdest Encounter You've Had That Led to Sex?

December 8, 2015 | Posted in Editorial Features by colette-callaway

Sure, you've had sex with people you're dating, sex with semi-strangers when you're drunk, sex with people you like, and probably sex with people you kind-of-sort-of hate. You might have had boat sex, cab sex, train sex, and public sex, but there are some situations you walk into thinking you're going to do anything but get your rocks off. And that, my friends, is what happened to these fine people. Might we all be a little more like them one day. 

1. The ideal way to grocery shop



Generally when I come back empty handed after six hours, it's because I got lost. 


2. Treasure Planet


Lego sex sounds like a lot of sharp corners. 


3. This is just adorable


You were scared there for a second, weren't you? 


4. Prom 2.0


We're missing one crucial piece of information: Is the daughter in on this?? 


5. Damn, girl


I did high school all wrong. 


6. Paint job


The hospital stint was worth it, just for this line. 

Fleshbot takes Reddit

And with that, we have some news: Fleshbot (OK, just me) has joined the ranks of Reddit and will now be asking questions for the public to answer, which we will feature here. Look for the links on our Twitter and hit me with your best stories! 

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