Check Out Some 1850s Hand-Painted Daguerreotypes Nudes

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These Nudes Make You Hope Someone Brings Back Daguerreotypy

It’s easy to forget sometimes that we all live in a world filled with technology that would make people who lived 200, 150, or hell, even 100 years ago burn you as a witch if you told them about it. Thanks to technology, most things are a few clicks away, especially whatever our heart desires when it comes porn. You ever wonder what they had back in the 1850s for porn? They had hand-painted daguerreotypes.  

Daguerreotypes might sound like curse word from Game of Thrones, but it’s actually what most consider to be the first type of photography in the world.  

Daguerreotypy, the process of capturing an image on light-sensitive silver-plated copper, is one of the earliest photographic processes introduced by Louis Daguerre to the public in 1839. Experts often attribute the first hand-painted photograph to Johann Baptist Isenring, a Swiss artist who heated a mixture of gum arabic and pigments atop his early photos.  

While some may find it hard to believe that someone would go to such great lengths to capture an image of a naked woman, others (like myself) completely get it. Not only are you able to look at a beautiful naked woman (or women), but when you think about all it took to create this image, it makes that much more awesome.  

So, take a moment and think about what an amazing world we live in when it comes to ease of which we can see pretty much any kind of naked woman we want at any moment. Then flip through pictures and think of how hard it would have been to hide them under your bed.

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