Best of Reddit: Sex at Work

November 5, 2015 | Posted in Editorial Features by colette-callaway

This week on the Best of Reddit, I wanted to showcase sex stories that happen in more taboo places than the bedroom—so when I found "Have you ever gotten paid to get laid," I was pretty damn excited. Everyone wants to have sex at work, unless you perhaps work in an asylum or a morgue. (Please don't refute that, I beg you.) Without further adieu, I give you the cream of the crop, if you catch my drift: 

Vaults always did look like fun


Workplaces designed like labyrinths do seem ideal. 


Hammering away 


There's so much more of this story I want to know. How does he seduce his partners? Does he have a ritual? Why isn't my life this exciting? 


Crash Into Me


I'm imagining her crouched underneath rows of Grey Goose, which is perhaps the most glorious image I've conjured today. 


Mile high club 


And he even did it in a bunk. 


Trapped in the closet 


So that's the secret to an orgasm... 


"Stick your finger in the loop of my tag" 


I'm assuming he didn't penetrate her with a cucumber, but I've been wrong before. 


Special sauce 


... this guy is dating the wrong women. 


I scream, you scream


Life. Goals.


 How to win at high school


You try turning away a Double Down. 

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