Halloween Erotica, Because You Have to Do Something Before That Party

October 30, 2015 | Posted in Editorial Features by colette-callaway

There is a loose division between realistic erotica—the graphic depiction of sex that could believably happen in real life—or the fantastical kind that's outside the realm of believable but still hot. Most of these fall in the latter category, which you could probably guess because Halloween. Make-believe is the spirit of the season, after all.

Literotica is a major hub for writers to submit stories and readers to consume as many erotic shorts they can for free. Everything is tagged, as all good online content is, making finding Halloween (or Christmas, or St. Patrick's Day) content incredibly easy. I rifled through a bunch of it this morning in hopes of selecting a few that might tickle your fancy, and I'm relatively excited about my finds. We all like a good holiday-specific fantasy to whet our whistles, so while you're watching all your Halloween porn scenes (yes, you), try interspersing it with a little thematic erotica. I might be biased, but the power of the written word can be incredibly sexy. 

Best Ever Erotic Halloween Party

I grimaced, “Yeah, lots and lots of it. It’ll be a fuckfest – indiscriminate screwing with anybody that looks interesting – men or women. The line about ‘clean papers, Viagra, and condoms’ indicates that the primary party activity will be fucking.” In my mid-twenties, I would have been all over that invitation and party with unbridled eagerness; now, a decade later, I thought about whether all the indiscriminate fucking would be over the top for me. Sure, I liked sex; no, I loved sex, in large quantities; but, the concentrated dose the party suggested might have even become too much for me.

This might seem like a preposterous situation, but I assure you: Somewhere in the world, there really is a Halloween party like this one going down.



Hey, she thought, her hand unconsciously changing motions, more stroking than tugging. Just because he's named Jack The Scarecrow doesn't mean that I should jack the scarecrow!

Yes, this is about fucking a scarecrow. And it's actually pretty damn good. Just go with it. 


Journey Through the Rabbit Hole 

"Now, where was I?" said the angel. "Oh yes, the rules. Rule number three, no one leaves until after breakfast tomorrow morning. The valet has your keys and everyone will be given a breathalyzer to make sure no one goes home drunk. Hung-over and sore, well, that's a different story."

This is a story that begins with a cheating scandal twist, takes a dip with a divorce, and then ANOTHER TWIST. Also, the main character calls herself Malice. So, you know. There's that. 


Haunted by Love 

Reality reasserts itself and I become aware of several things: the first is a signpost to Andover and Salisbury while the second is that the traffic has slowed somewhat and, finally, a distinctly gooey feeling between my legs. Perhaps daydreaming about my night with Rick wasn't such a good idea whilst driving as I cannot do anything about the consequences! I just hope I haven't made too much of a mess of my knickers.

And finally, this one won Literotica's Halloween erotic story competition. The language is delightfully British, whether intentional or not, and, I think we can all relate to fantasizing in inappropriate places. 


And with that, I leave you too it. Happy Halloween—don't do anything I wouldn't do. 

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