Robin Thicke's Girlfriend April Love Geary Is a Total Babe

October 20, 2015 | Posted in Celebrity by elle-triplex


Just an FYI, Robin Thicke's Girlfriend Is a Babe

Just in case you were unaware, Robin Thicke is one lucky bastard. If you've yet to see his gorgeous girlfriend April Love Geary, then here's a quick refresher! (One involving a sexy bikini and a super hot tight red dress.) Come on, it's time to get your drool on!

Robin Thicke has to be what, like almost 40 or something? So how he went about snagging a smokin' 20 year-old girlfriend is completely beyond me. But there's just something about fame that makes it a whole lot easier to attract the attention of much younger, incredibly hot young models! Although I could bash Thicke out of jealousy, I just have to say that he sure is one lucky guy. Just look at that sexy bod of hers! April Love Geary truly is one hell of a babe.

So if you've yet to witness the hotness that Robin Thicke's sweet young model girlfriend possesses, allow these photos to serve as an incredibly refreshing view! It's completely OK if you drool a little bit—we aren't here to judge. 

Photo Credit: Egotastic

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