Nadine Velazquez Pool Side in a Sexy Bikini FTW

September 22, 2015 | Posted in straight by elle-triplex


Today's Sexiness Win Goes to Nadine Velazquez and Her Super Smokin' Pool Side Bikini Bod

Each and every day we're given the opportunity to check out some of the hottest celebs ever looking sexy as hell. Today, the winner of the sexiness award, hands-down, goes to the gorgeous Nadine Velazquez and her tasty Instagram pool side bikini photo! Seriously though, does this one even need an explanation? Just look at those boobs! Nadine pool side in a sexy bikini FTW!

To be completely honest, I can't remember a time in the history of ever in which Nadine Velazquez didn't grab my attention by my lady balls and reel me in hook line and sinker with that tasty toned little caramel skinned bod of hers. This chick truly is so fucking hot that any time we catch a glimpse of her we're all bound to find ourselves drooling like a bunch of pre-teen boys. But although that may be true, I'd be lying if I said that getting to scope her out pool side in a sexy bikini top and a tiny little black skirt wasn't still equally as fucking tempting. She's just far too perfect to resist!

So, it shouldn't be too big of a surprise that today's sexiness award goes to this gorgeous brunette knock-out for her incredibly sexy pool side bikini pose! Go ahead, indulge! This chick is just plain perfection.

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