Irina Shayk Always Looks Sexy in Heels

September 22, 2015 | Posted in Celebrity by elle-triplex


Irina Shayk Wears Heels With EVERYTHING

Short skirt? Couple it with heels. Sexy dress? Throw on a set of thigh-high heeled boots. Topless with a thong? Heels, duh! Irina Shayk doesn't limit her high heels indulgence, and let's be real; we couldn't be more satisfied!

This photo, which was recently posted to Irina Shayk's Instagram with the tag:

"I always wear high heels.. I simply feel naked without them." - Donatella Versace

Is simply yet another reminder of why this woman is so incredibly fucking hot! Can you even imagine coming home to find the gorgeous Irina topless in a thong wearing a set of heeled boots just lounging around in your living room like it's NBD? Yeah, seriously, that might be too hot to even attempt to wrap your head around! This chick seriously makes me question reality.

Irina Shayk wears high heels with everything. By that, I mean everything! Thongs are obviously included in the equation. Hands down, Irina Shayk just might be one of the hottest women to ever grace this beautiful earth with her presence! Ah, that ass Irina; you're just too sexy to be true.

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Photo Credit: irinashayk

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