Kate Hudson Keeps On Showing Off Her Sexiness in Itty Bitty Shorts..

September 8, 2015 | Posted in Celebrity by elle-triplex

Kate Hudson's Itty Bitty Short Game is Still Going Strong

Maybe it's a fluke or maybe I am just nuts, but I swear this past year Kate Hudson has flaunted her fantabulous little ass around in denim shorts like it's her j-o-b. I mean that in a hot kind of way not in the way that her j-o-b involves showing off her ass, just an FYI. But then again, if it did, I am sure Kate would easily make it to the top! Just look at that denim clad booty; it's just so damn tasty!

Just an FYI, Kate Hudson and her itty bitty short game is still going strong. By that I obviously mean that she keeps on rocking those tiny little shorts of hers, and we keep on reacting by drooling all over the damn place in the process. But do you blame us? The hotness that this woman possesses is just something that can't be denied!

With fall approaching, we may sadly be coming to a point in which Kate Hudson and her sexy itty bitty shorts may be making their final depart. But luckily, we've got tons of photos to indulge in until we get to see her sexiness yet again!

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