Hillary Duff Is One Hot Bikini Rockin' Momma

September 9, 2015 | Posted in Celebrity by elle-triplex


Hillary Duff is a Smokin' Hot Bikini Momma

Hillary Duff in a bikini is a rare and beautiful thing. So rare and so beautiful, in fact, that we just can't get enough of what she has to offer! Smokin' hot bikini momma? We'll just chalk this one up to MILF and call it a day!

In 2012, Hillary Duff first hit mom status and emerged with one bangin' body that appears to be completely unaltered. I mean, just look at this sexy bikini photo! I'd say it's all the proof we need of just how strong Hillary's MILF game is. By that I mean that she looks like a complete and total knockout.

Regardless of her MILF status, we can only hope that the gorgeous Hillary Duff keeps up the bikini rockin' work! Mom or not, Hillary Duff truly does make for one smokin' hot babe. Those boobs, girl; they're just plain drool-worthy.

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Photo Credit: hilaryduff

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