Lilly Becker and Her Sexy Dress Are Totally Dateworthy


Who Wouldn't Want to Take Lily Becker and That Sexy Sheer Dress of Hers Out on a Date?

Remember Boris Becker? You know, the infamous professional German tennis player? Well, just in case you don't remember, Boris is Lily Becker's husband. It's important to point this out, because regardless of how fine she looks in that see-through dress she's rocking, we'll never be able to take her out on a date. Because this fine ass piece of Dutch model deliciousness has been taken for nearly 6 years now. But hey, taken or not, she sure is nice to look at, isn't she?

Better known in her modeling days as Sharlely "Lilly" Kerssenberg, Lilly Becker is clearly still one hell of a dime. When you can rock a dress that's almost entirely see through and do so in a way that would make anyone drool their damn face off, you truly do possess the kind of sex appeal that every woman strives to achieve. It's pretty safe to say that regardless of whether or not we could ever actually take this beautiful woman on a date, we sure as hell wouldn't be able to turn down the opportunity!

Gorgeous, leggy, and 100 percent flawless; Lilly Becker will always be one dateworthy Dutch babe. 

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