Nadine Velazquez's Cleave Is Going to Burning Man

August 31, 2015 | Posted in Celebrity by elle-triplex


Nadine Velazquez is All About Giving Burning Man One Incredibly Hot View

We must have missed the memo. You know, the one that stated that Nadine Velazquez is an undercover cleavage show mastermind. All of that hot Latina sex appeal really has a way of tricking you sometimes. But this Instagram photo is simply all the proof we need that Nadine is a naughty little harlot!

Supposedly, Nadine is going to Burning Man this year. But not only is she going to Burning Man, she also plans to bring her cleavage show right along with her! We can't really blame her though, those gorgeous boobies of hers truly do deserve to be in the spotlight. But that head dress contraption she's rocking, I'm just not sure about that one.

If you plan to be in attendance at Burning Man this year, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for Nadine. I know, that's a tall order—I'm well aware of what goes on at Burning Man, and you aren't fooling anyone. If you do happen to see her, just know that you are indeed not hallucinating and she is indeed that hot! Fantastic cleavage show, Nadine Velazquez. Keep up the good work.

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Photo Credit: nadinevelazquez

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