I'm Sorry, Did Someone Say Vintage Serbian Erotica?

July 8, 2015 | Posted in Editorial Features by tucker-bankshot


That's right, folks. A treasure trove of Serbian erotica was recently unearthed by Vice Serbia author Biljana Marinkovic who starts her article with what is perhaps the most hipster sentence ever written. Ever. By anyone.

"I've been scouring Belgrade's Kalenić and Bajloni farmers' markets for vintage photographs since 2009."

Allow me to be the first to offer my condolences to all the denizens of Chicago's Wicker Park for failing to live up to the grossly absurd levels of hipsterdom this woman just attained in fourteen words. Jesus man, I may need to print that on a t-shirt and start wearing it around the neighborhood. Man alive.



Anyway, Ms. Marinkovic was inspired by some vintage erotica she had seen on Tumblr and decided to ask her usual vendors if they had any similar pictures, and sure as shit, they did.

For a while, my main vendor for this stuff was an elderly woman named Biljana at the Kalenić market. She had a metal box filled with about 100 photos that she kept out of sight below her stall. I make a regular routine of visiting her and picking the ones I liked, or the ones I could afford at the time, until one day she told me she was out of stock. Apparently a priest had come and bought it all up.

This story's like a gloriously smutty onion with a never ending series of layers. Every single time I think it might have peaked, a sentence like "a priest had come and bought it all up" comes along. Bravo, Biljana, bravo.


As a collector, I'm extremely interested in the history behind each one of my photographs. I've done some research into the erotic pictures, mostly online, but it hasn't always been easy, as many of them don't have a date or any other kind of inscription written on the back—the first place you check when buying old photos.

Still, I've managed to find out who shot some of them, and who some of the models are in others (most are Soviet pinup girls from the interwar period). The easiest photos to research have been those in which the models were dressed or partially naked, as it allows me to approximate a date based on details in the photos, like the fashion or the furniture.

Well hipsters, it looks like you've got your work cut out for you if you're planning to one-up this woman. Good fucking luck. Seriously. 

Via Vice

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