Twenty Questions with Hot Alt Newbie Katrina Jade

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Hot inked newbie Katrina Jade has been a fan favorite in her short time in front of porn's cameras and has already scored a bunch of boxcovers.  She delivers hot performances and I hope that she stays around for quite a while.  She does her first interracial scene with AVN Hall of Famer Lexington Steele in Lexington Steele Productions/Evil Angel's "Lex's Breast Fest 5" and they definitely have a great time together.  Here are her answers to twenty questions.

1) What kind of girl were you back in high school? Who did you hang out with/date?

I was a little punk chick who hung out with the skaters and punk kids.

2) Were you a porn fan before you got into the industry? Who were your favorite porn stars/favorite porn movies?

i watched a lot of BDSM, which is where I started at and

3) Is being a porn star what you thought it would be?

It's better!! Sex and orgasms and sexy people who are really sweet and nice, and money too OH MY! Ha ha!

4) What/who do you want to do on-camera that you haven’t done yet?

Lots of cream pie gangbangs with 10 to 20 guys!

5) Who is your favorite male performer/female performer to work with and why?

It sounds cheesy but I have enjoyed everyone I've worked with. I've had hotter scenes than others but I don't play favorites at all. Give me all of the cocks and pussies!!!

6) You seem to really love your fans and respond to them a lot on Twitter. Tell me how having this fan base has changed your life.

I enjoy them very much! It hasn't changed my life at all, it just gives me another outlet to spew my nonsensical ramblings. Ha ha!


7) What’s your favorite position to get fucked in and why does it get you off?

Doggie and missionary.

8) What do you like to do for fun?

Husband, beach, gym, food, sex.

9) What fetishes do you have that you think that your fans would be surprised by?

I think the fans pretty much know all my fetishes ha ha. I've never been fucked by a frozen herring. Who knows? That could be a new fetish.

10) What are the best things about being a porn star?

Sex with random strangers and getting to perform.

11) What advice would you give a woman who wanted to be better at pleasing her man sexually?

Come have a threesome with us!

12) What are your “must-own” DVDs that you think your fans should see?

I've got most my scenes online and not on DVD, I don't know really know what's even on DVD yet. but any boxcover I am on any fan can send in the cover slip to me with a self addressed stamped return envelope and I will sign it and send it back! (Take note, directors/producers.)


13) Who are your role models in porn and how/why do they inspire you?

Any successful woman who isn't a drug addict has my admiration.

14) What is your favorite kind of scene to do?

I'm gonna use all caps here to say this. ANY STRONG AGGRESSIVE MALE CO-STAR OR FEMALE WHO IS NOT ONLY GAY FOR PAY. Wimpy guys and girls only doing girls for rent money is a huge turn off.

15) What is the best mainstream movie you have seen recently?

Nightmare Before Christmas and Bride of Chucky. I just watch those two movies over and over.

16) How about the best porno movie? Is there someone whose movies you like to watch who is working now?

No one in particular, no. 

17) Are you into toys to get yourself off alone or are you a low-tech woman?

I don't do toys really, I get desensitized easily. I usually just have my husband eat my pussy.

18) If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be? Give us your male and female choices.

Any big, strong, bearded, testosterone fueled, Viking men and Christy Mack.

19) What is coming up for you?

I have a ton of scenes that haven't been released and I'm filming a horror series I can't really talk about yet but it's super fun and hot!

20) Is there anything you want to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

S'up, my fleshbotters? Keep jerking off to me and I might just show up at your house and let you surprise fuck me someday!

All of the images here appear courtesy of Lexington Steele Productions/Evil Angel.  Click right here to go watch Jade's scene with Steele right now!  Here's the trailer to "Lex's Breast Fest 5". 

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