Abigail Ratchford's Sexy 'Ultimate Bombshell' Slumber Party Photos Are Sure to Make You Wish You Had an Invite


Slumber parties. Many have dreamed and yet few have actually gotten to witness the pure and total hotness involved in putting a group of gorgeous ladies together in a room. You know, there's panty-clad pillow fights involved and a few girls are always bound to get all sexually explorative! Although I'd love to keep on feeding into this delicious fantasy, the truth of the matter is that slumber parties just aren't ever as hot as they appear in the movies. That is, unless you're Abigail Ratchford. Then it's obviously an entirely different story!

How exactly one goes about getting an invite for an 'Ultimate Bombshell' slumber party is completely beyond me. But I am guessing that the actual invite reads something along the lines of "You're invited to a super slumber party, please wear as little clothing as possible, and make sure your boobs look absolutely fabulous ladies-- there will be dildos and cupcakes involved!". Yup, count me the fuck in.


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