Elizabeth Berkley Talks About The Time The Cameras Caught Her Acting During 'Showgirls'

April 30, 2015 | Posted in Celebrity by tucker-bankshot


Showgirls, the movie most often cited as the one my gay friends and I can watch together, is far from a good movie. It has its charms, and it's certainly got a better reputation twenty years after its release than it did in its heyday, but it's not good. Despite that, however, Elizabeth Berkley did recently do a little humble bragging about her favorite moment in the film, one that was caught when she thought the cameras had stopped rolling.

Thanks to our friends over at Batty for Nudity (link below), we're all now able to enjoy this moment, and Elizabeth's explanation of why it's so great...


There are plenty of famous stories about directors keeping the cameras rolling and capturing something truly magical. The ending of The Graduate, and honestly the entire film, wouldn't be as revered had Mike Nichols not kept the cameras rolling long enough for us to see the smiles disappear from Dustin Hoffman and Katharine Ross' faces. 

Showgirls is not The Graduate, nor do I think Elizabeth Berkley is attempting to draw such a comparison, but she certainly gave us some insight into what it was like making the film. I would love to hear what the exact direction she was given for this scene...



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