SoloFlesh — Warm Water Filled Male Sex Toy

March 21, 2015 | Posted in Sponsored by sponsored-post


SoloFlesh is an innovative sex toy for men that operates on the principle of pressure rather than "tightness". You can enjoy a comfortable and realistic toy that is warm, soft and that responds to your movement with dynamic responsive motion. The warmth of the water can be felt not only on the inside, but on the outside as well. Try it "girl on top" and feel it moving in your hands. Every time you come in contact with the exterior you will feel the lifelike warmth. Whatever position you try, your SoloFlesh will conform to the surface contours of your body.


New V2 lifecast interior texture is an exact recreation of intimate female anatomy. Explore and experience the different textures and sensations of a real woman at various depths and in various positions.

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