'House of Cards' Season 3 Doesn't Veto Nudity

March 5, 2015 | Posted in Celebrity by l-l-skelton


When last we saw Frank Underwood, he'd just put the finishing touches on his wickedly, Machiavellian scheme into the oval office after orchestrating President Walker's resignation. Along the way, he pushed a journalist in front of a train, got her reporter friend sent to prison and did all kinds of D.C. backroom dealings to become leader of the free world. But as season 3 of House of Cards begins, things aren't going as well as Frank and First Lady Claire (Robin Wright) had hoped. Frank is getting pressured not to run in 2016 by his party due to his low approval rating, among other things while Claire is having trouble in her goal to become a U.N. Ambassador. It's tough to feel sorry for these people, what with the life-ruining and all. But Kevin Spacey and Wright are good enough performer to at least make things entertaining.

Another thing that makes this show entertaining is the female nudity. Political backstabbing makes the mind weary and the best cure is to relax with some fine, consensual screwing. The sexiness or nudity given to us during the duration of the dozen are so episodes are provided by lovely actresses Olivia LuccardiKim DickensChristina Bennett Lind and one of last year's nudies Rachel Brosnahan. If only real life politics were this sexy. 

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