Five Things I Loved About Being "A Hotwife Blindfolded" by Brooklyn Chase



The always lovely Brooklyn Chase stars in the latest release from New Sensations' Tales From The Edge imprint "A Hotwife Blindfolded".  It's directed by Jacky St. James and this time, the wife-sharing guys blindfold the wives.  I adore the feel of blindfolds and the whole sensory deprivation thing in general. So, to me, this one just looks like a whole lotta fun.  "Sensory deprivation introduces a whole other element to hotwifing. Couples must rely solely on the trust of their partner and surrender the need to control certain aspects of the sexual experience,"  St. James said, in a New Sensations press release. "The trust between a husband and a wife exploring blindfolded hotwifing is intense. This film captures that connection and the heat and sensuality of enjoying a sexual experience you can't actually see." "Husband" Logan Pierce and "other guy" Erik Everhard give Chase pleasure and showcase that trust.  Nice.  Here's what Chase had to say about what she enjoyed about the scene.

1) Any sort or sensory deprivation is exciting, but being blindfolded is by far my favorite. You never know where you're going to be touched or when, and that adds to the fun.


2) I especially liked that my partner didn't make any sound at all. In most scenes, the male will tell you the "pop shot" is coming, but because I was blindfolded and he was silent, it took me by surprise. That was definitely a first in my time in the industry!

3) Working with Erik Everhard is always a treat!


4) I love working with Jacky St. James! She is one of my favorite directors to work with. Besides being great at what she does, she's such a sweet and fun person.


5) New Sensations has always been so good to me. They've done a lot for me and my career and I always jump at the chance to shoot with them.

All the images here appear courtesy of New Sensations.  Go watch "A Hotwife Blindfolded" right now by clicking here!

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