A Field Guide To Britt Robertson

December 24, 2014 | Posted in Celebrity by lux-alptraum

nullYesterday we got the early Christmas gift (or regular time Chanuka gift, depending on your faith) of seeing Britt Robertson naked. Yes, "Ask Me Anything" offers a delicious glimpse of Britt's gorgeous goods. But – as frequently happens for us – getting a glimpse at what lies beneath beautiful Britt's clothing has made us want to go even deeper (and no, we don't just mean that in a pornographic way). Yes it's time to learn a little more about the life and times of this lovely young lady: so pull up a chair, get a nice fire going, and get ready to learn all about what makes this delightful young actress tick.

Brittany Leanna "Britt" Robertson was born April 18, 1990, in Charlotte, North Carolina – though she crossed the border shortly thereafter, growing up in Greenville, South Carolina. Robertson hails from a big family – she's the oldest of seven – so it should come as no surprise to learn she figured out her life plan pretty early on (when you've got that many siblings, you don't have time to dawdle and delay and figure things out, guys). Around age eleven, Robertson started thinking about acting as a career (it was soap operas that infected her with the acting bug); by twelve, she was making cross-country trips to Los Angeles to audition for TV roles. (Fun fact: Robertson was home schooled, which may explain why she had so much flexibility to make these trips and start working at such a young age.)

Though Britt's first major TV role ended up being in a pilot that was never picked up, her luck quickly turned around with a role in "Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers" (she played Michelle Seaver). Once that TV movie got the ball rolling, Robertson just kept picking up work: throughout her teen years she appeared on screens both big and small, most notably as Cara in "Dan in Real Life" (and also, in her first recurring role, as a regular on "Swingtown").

Growing up is always a bit difficult for those who've spent their youth in the spotlight, but Robertson's managed the transition with grace and aplomb, aging into increasingly mature roles as she grows further and further from her "Growing Pains" days. What do we mean by mature? Well, there was her role in the Vince Vaughn sperm donor comedy, and the young love rom com "The First Time" (which, yes, explores the temptations and pitfalls that surround the decision to start having sex). And then, of course, there's the maturity that comes with taking on a role that requires nudity and onscreen sexiness (as well as other adult topics): yes, we're talking about Robertson's role in "Ask Me Anything."

For the record, "Ask Me Anything" holds our interest not just because Britt gets naked in it (although that is a compelling portion of the story), but because it happens to be a story about a young woman who takes to the internet to pen an anonymous blog about sex, love, and her most intimate secrets – not unlike some of the sex bloggers we've known and loved over the years! Though "Ask Me Anything" doesn't get quite as dirty as the tales featured in some of our favorite sex blogs, it does offer a cinematic portrayal of a world we've admired for years (and, again, does it with nudity from Britt Robertson -- win win!).

But, we're sure you're asking, who is Robertson when she's not on camera portraying the sexy doings of anonymous bloggers? A pet owner, for one (her two dogs are named – wait for it – Bunny and Clyde), and a girl who's pretty devoted to her family. You might think that, with the whirlwind schedule of a young actress, and the demands of keeping in touch with eight (!) other people, Britt Robertson might have prioritized her career over staying in touch with her family (especially since, as a woman in her early twenties, she's in those prime "Get out of my life, Mom!" years). But you'd be incorrect in that assumption: despite her rigorous schedule, and some geographical distance, Robertson's actually maintained a tight knit bond with the people who raised her (and the people they raised as well). As she told reporters, "I am close, too close with my family. I recently lived in North Carolina, working on a show, and I saw them more than any person should see their family in a year's time."

And as we roll into 2015, you'll be pleased to hear that Britt's already got a bunch of roles lined up, with "Cook" and "The Longest Ride" in the process of filming (and, we're sure), even more to come soon. It remains to be seen whether Britt will be doffing her clothes in future roles... so let's just keep our fingers crossed that it wasn't a one time thing.


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