Chanell Heart and Misty Stone Go All the Way on Their "Lesbian First Dates" for Filly Films

October 28, 2014 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

 Pretty newbie Chanell Heart and superstar Misty Stone get it on soon after meeting here in Filly Films' "Lesbian First Dates" directed by the very gorgeous and very talented Diana DeVoe.  The pairing of Heart and Stone is genius--it's just like how the person who first made a cherry Coke is a genius.  I love the treat of a cherry Coke every so often.  Makes me soooooo happy.  Anyway, Heart and Stone are all about each other's twats and pleasure here and I love that.  First dates usually suck so a date where both people get off is a fucking treasure.

Here, Heart gets her face just soaked by Stone's very wet pussy.  I love how Heart ends up just covered in Stone's pussy juices.  I love how you can see Stone's toes curling from how good Heart is at eating her out and how Stone's perfect buns are bouncing from the position she is in.  So pretty.  You can see how Heart wants to hold Stone down and lock her own face in Stone's sweet slit but she can not because then, we would not be about to see anything.  Thanks, Heart.  You reading this?  Go watch the whole thing.

Lesbian First Dates
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