Marital Aid Test Kitchen--Pink Diamond69's Magic Ball

October 24, 2014 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown


The Magic Ball from Pink Diamond69 is....well, special. First off, it has porn legend Tera Patrick as its spokesmodel. Here she is to tell us all about the toy.

Riding on a ball like this used to be one of my absolute favorite things to do in gym class, when I was a very young pervert in the making. I would ride that thing across the gym floor and would avoid all of those boys who wanted to pull my hair.  

Now, there is this in my life.


It's nicely packaged with Patrick on the box, looking all sexy. You can buy the ball in either pink or purple and in a single or double penetration model. I went for both holes getting pounded while I bounce, because that's how I roll. (Because it's a BALL, get it? Ha!)

nullHere's what it all looks like outside of the packaging. You have to inflate the ball with the hand pump and use one of the two plugs enclosed to close the hole so it won't deflate while you are riding it. It took a minute to inflate this thing and my arms felt the burn. It was definitely a workout inflating this pink wonder but it was worth it. Here's what it looked like when I was done.

nullFabulous! The ball itself is made of very solid PVC and I can say that you will probably have zero problems with this breaking, unless you are over the recommended weight limit for this toy, which is 330 pounds. If you don't know how much your lady weighs and she is a plus sized lady, this might not be the toy to bring home.  

As far as riding it....for ease of use, I recommend condoms over the dongs/dong to make it easy to clean. You will need to wash this with anti-bacterial soap and water in your tub, given the size of this ball. Patrick recommends it for "sexercise" and I agree with that--your quads get to feel the fun of bouncing on this ball, for sure.  

The Magic Ball from Pink Diamond69 retails for $79 and you can buy your own by clicking here! 

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