Au Natural Ladies in Nature Is Oh So Good

August 27, 2014 | Posted in Celebrity by peterlandau

The great outdoors is greater still when framing the fully nude body of women. That seems to be the feeling of Natural States Video, which offers a teaser of a few of its nature girls for our arousal. And aroused I am. 

It's funny. Not in a ha-ha way or "Does this milk smell funny?" way. Just funny, because I'm not one for camping or being outside in any condition. My preferred natural state is air-conditioned and within the confines of four walls, so naturally this is a bit of a surprise. I guess anyone can change. 

I just hope these girls in the video posted on Vimeo (link below) never change. Certainly, I don't want them to change into clothing. Clothing would ruin the perfect lines of their body. Covering them up would also be a sin, though I'm no religious scholar, and prefer to banter about in fields I'm unqualified to comment on. It's my way of remaining relevant. 

One thing I can say, those girls have nice bodies and I'd like to put myself against them or something like that. I've never been much good at pick-up lines either. 

Via Natural States Themes - Outdoors 3 from Natural States Video on Vimeo.

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