Twenty Questions with Claire Robbins

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nullPretty Claire Robbins has been in porn a while and has evolved beautifully into the woman that she is on screen now.  Proudly hailing from Portland, Oregon and now calling Hollywood home, Robbins has worked for many major companies during her career that began back in 2005.  Robbins has worked for so many najor companies that it is not fair to everyone else to list them all and she is very active about her life on Twitter.  Here are her answers to twenty questions.  

1) What kind of girl were you back in high school? Who did you hang out with/date?

I was a huge tomboy in high school. It was before the word “hipster” existed, but I hung out with the sort of kids that rode bikes everywhere, wore vintage clothing with a book in the back pocket and drank 40s while listening to underground music. I dated people from other high schools, so a lot of my friends from my school had no idea that I even dated anybody. I didn’t really have a “type." My boyfriends ranged from a graffiti artist to prom king to college guys. However, I did have a type when it came to casual sex- older. I definitely got off on the idea that they could get in trouble for fucking me.

2) Were you a porn fan before you got into the industry? Who were your favorite porn stars/favorite porn movies?

I never watched porn before I began making it. I knew of its existence, and I had been around it while it was playing, but I never actively watched it. I gave a BJ to a boyfriend while something with Nautica Thorn was playing, but I only saw the opening tease because I was busy doing my own thing soon after.

3) What/who do you want to do on-camera that you haven’t done yet?

Shucks, that is a difficult question. I don’t know if there’s any act that I’d like to do that I haven’t done yet. After 9 years in the business, you tend to do most everything on your to-do list. I would love to work with a take-charge lady like Asa Akira. She’s a great presence while not being overly dominant. I have a bit of a lady crush on her.

4) Who is your favorite male performer/female performer to work with and why?

I love working with James Deen and Aiden Starr. Both are really aggressive in the sack but also allow a personal connection and tenderness to come through. I’m a sucker for hostile romance.

5) You seem to really love your fans and respond to them a lot on Twitter. Tell me how having this fan base has changed your life.

I really do adore my fans and respond to them as much as I can within reason. Having a great fan base like mine has been a nice pick-me-up on crummy days. I’ll feel sad about something, but then somebody tweets about how my asshole is perfect and think “you know, life isn’t great all the time, but at least I have a perfect asshole.” My fans have given me some quality reflection.

6) What’s your favorite position to get fucked in and why does it get you off?

I’ve started to really love cowgirl because I like looking at people’s faces when I’m fucking them, and it allows for a pretty good range of arm motion/placement from both the fucker and the fuckee.null

7) What are your favorite companies and directors to work for?

I really love working for Girlfriends Films because they just want you to go at your own pace and have fun with each other. It’s nice to be able to spend some time making out in-between sex acts instead of just power-fucking. Don’t get me wrong, power-fucking is great, but in adulthood I’ve learned to savor the quiet, intimate moments, too.

8) What have you seen change most in your time in adult?

I’ve definitely noticed a decline of business in general. It isn’t the cash cow it used to be for performers. Now is definitely the time to adopt a different business model and tap into alternative revenue streams for sex work, like creating your own content.

9) What are the best things about being a porn star?

The best thing about being a porn star is being paid to have sex with my friends. I get to fuck hot people, and then I get paid for it! What a magical concept.


10) What do you think is your hottest scene overall?

There are two scenes that are so amazingly hot, but they haven’t come out yet! One of my all time Robbins favorites is from Slam It In A Stranger by Harmony Films which involves me and some gentlemen in a barn. I still get giggly with girlish delight thinking about it.

11) What advice would you give a woman who wanted to be better at pleasing her sexual partner?

For anybody wanting to please their partner, communication is key. Pay attention to their body language. Be willing to try something new. Have fun pleasing your partner! If you’re not enjoying yourself, they probably aren’t either.

12) What do you most want to achieve in the adult industry?

I think I’m already getting what I want- a great job, awesome fans and a pretty fun lifestyle. Okay, well, I guess I’d like more from all three categories. Typical girl, I always want more.


13) Who are your role models in porn and how/why do they inspire you?

I am endlessly inspired by Dana Vespoli. Not only is she a super alluring and perverse performer for years, she also directs some of the coolest stuff I’ve seen. Her water/breath play movie, Fluid, is one of the hottest things I’ve watched this year.

14) What is your favorite type of scene to do?

This is such a tough question! I love different scenes for different reasons. I don’t know if there’s a specific kind of scene that I prefer over another. I can definitely say that I prefer ones where I am able to form a connection with the person I’m fucking. I want to fall in love every time I do a scene.

15) What is the best mainstream movie you have seen recently?

It has been so long since I’ve seen a movie in the theater. I think the last time I went to the movies was to see Grand Budapest Hotel. I’ve been wanting to see a new movie lately, but nothing has caught my fancy.null

16) How about the best porno movie? Is there someone whose movies you like to watch who is working now?

I honestly don’t watch that much porn. Typically I’ll watch trailers just to see what’s going on in the porno world and to check out who people are. The only porn I’ve actually watched all the way through were releases from Dana Vespoli and Bonnie Rotten. Bonnie is a force to be reckoned with- it’s no wonder that she won Performer of The Year at the 2014 AVN Awards.

17) Are you into toys to get yourself off alone or are you a low-tech woman?

I used to be much more low-tech, but I am a recent Hitachi convert. I love to multitask with a Hitachi Magic Wand and a nice dildo for either my pussy or ass or both. I’m a very efficient masturbator.

18) If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be? Give us your male and female choices.

I would really love to fuck Ewan McGregor. It doesn’t help that he’s gone full frontal in The Pillow Book so I have a pretty good mental image of what I’d be in for. I have a huge lady crush on Kristin Davis. She’s a shy person in real life so I’d like to fuck her out of her shell.

19) What it coming up for you?

I just started doing custom videos and creating my own clips! It’s super fun to get out all of my filthy or weird ideas that no company would ever book me for.

20) Is there anything you want to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

I’m so insanely happy to have such a dream job and to be surrounded by people that love what I do. Thank you so much for being a fan because you are the reason I’m performing in the first place! You are the wind beneath my wings.

All of the images in this are from Sweetheart Video/Mile High Media's "Girls Kissing Girls 13" where Robbins gets it on with Vicki Chase.  

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