Fleshbot's Friday Five: Sara Jay

July 18, 2014 | Posted in Pornstars by lux-alptraum

nullThanks to Germany's World Cup victory, Sara Jay's Twitter followers can look forward to a blow job from the busty MILF. Granted, you'll have to get to Las Vegas on September 4th, and if her near half a million followers all end up showing up for the event, you might have to wait quite some time to get said beej. But we're of the opinion that a blowjob from a woman as talented (and experienced -- she's been in porn since 2001) as Jay is well worth a substantial wait. Need more convincing? Let's take a walk through some of Sara Jay's greatest blowjob hits.

Sara Jay was born November 14, 1977, in Cincinnati, OH, a city she stayed in throughout her youth. Like many young women, Sara found her way into the sex industry during college, turning to stripping to help pay the bills while studying psychology at the University of Cincinnati. Once she had her degree, she decided to use her knowledge of the workings of the human mind in a slightly unorthodox way. By which we mean: she abandoned the world of psychology to move out to Vegas to enter the world of porn. Thirteen years later, we'd say several hundred thousand Twitter followers are very happy that that's where life took Sara Jay.

But on to those blowjob hits:

Deepthroat VirginsOne of the most wonderful things about porn performers who've been in the business as long as Sara Jay has is that there's plenty of documentation of how their skills have evolved over the years. Deepthroat Virgins is one of Sara's earlier scenes -- so early that she's credited as Lina, rather than Sara Jay -- but it still shows quite a few hints of the blowjob talent to come in later years. While she doesn't quite get all the way to a full deepthroat, she gets incredibly close, and the enthusiasm -- and incredibly sloppy nature of said blowjob -- more than makes up for the distance she doesn't quite make.

Big Loves: Of course, there's more to Sara Jay than just an amazing head game: she's also got a pretty banging bod, particularly if you're into curvy girls. Chris Streams's Big Loves allows Sara Jay to show off all of her talents, working her fantastic curves as she effortlessly inhales co-star Mark Davis's cock. (Yes, she definitely picked up some excellent skills in the years since Deepthroat Virgins -- not that surprising given all the on screen practice she got in the interim.) And for those who are operating under the mistaken impression that ladies built like Sara Jay aren't built for flexibility, allow this scene to gently (or not so gently) reeducate you.

Seasoned Players 2If there's one person in porn who really knows how to appreciate the industry's experienced talent, it's Tom Byron. His Seasoned Players series gives long time performers a chance to showcase all the skills they've picked up over the years -- in Sara Jay's case, it's blowjobs and then some. The orally experienced starlet takes her tongue on a trip all the way down his shaft and back up his crack, rimming Tom with incredible enthusiasm. And Sara's not the only enthusiastic one: after decades in the industry, Tom knows all about appreciating female talent; when he takes charge of the scene he definitely appreciates Sara's beautiful body (if you know what we mean).

Lex Likes 'Em ThickTom Byron isn't the only man of experience who's got some appreciation for Sara's skills. The equally reknowned Lexington Steele is also a fan -- and in Lex Likes 'Em Thick, Sara offers ample evidence as to why that is. Lex gets Sara oiled up and ready to play, taking plenty of time to savor her ass and tits (and fuck those tits, too) before getting treated to Sara's outrageous oral skills. Friends, if well traveled men like Tom Byron and Lexington Steele think Sara's something special, can you imagine how mind blowing she'd be to a regular person like one of her Twitter followers? Speaking of which...

Blowjob Winner 8Wondering why Sara Jay's so willing to give out her magical blowjobs to anyone who happens to follow her on Twitter? Well, as it happens, giving out blowjobs to lucky civilians just so happens to be one of Sara's special talents. A return player in Porno Dan's "Blowjob Winner," she's given out oral rewards to numerous lucky winners (extremely lucky, when you consider that, in addition to Sara's loving ministrations, these fellatio fans also get fluffed by Sea J. Raw and Charisma Cappelli). Blowjob Winner 8 offers a wonderful showcase of the kind of performance Sara offers up to civilian prize winners -- so if you are planning to go to Vegas to collect your reward, consider this a pretty good preview of what you can look forward to (though mentally subtract Sea J. and Charisma and add in Siri, who'll be Sara Jay's partner in blowjob gifting).

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