Exclusive First Look At Jodi West In "Call Me Mother"

July 16, 2014 | Posted in Hardcore by tucker-bankshot


Forbidden Fruit Films is celebrating the upcoming release of their latest film, Call Me Mother starring Jodi West and Callie Calypso by sharing this exclusive trailer and image gallery with Fleshbot. 

“Jennifer (Callie Calypso) is like any normal 18-year-old high school senior. She lives at home with her father (Tony De Sergio), enjoys hanging out with her best friend Tracy (Payton Simmons), and loves her boyfriend Danny (T. Stone). But Jennifer's life abruptly changes when she becomes entangled in a passionate affair with Grace (Jodi West), her sexy new stepmother. Tensions rise when Jennifer has second thoughts and tries to end the relationship, but Grace refuses to let go.”

We also had a chance to chat with the film's director, Harry Sparks.

Fleshbot: You tend to make more story driven films than a lot of other directors. What is it about that style that appeals to you?

Harry Sparks: I think it's because of my background in mainstream, and my love of movies and storytelling in general. For me, it's more interesting if if there is some type of story, even a very simple one, because  a sex scene without a story is like an action scene without a story. You can still appreciate it and enjoy it, but it can be even more memorable and powerful if you know something about the characters. I always try to make sure that  the sex scenes are motivated by the characters and the story situation rather than the other way around.


Fleshbot: What was it about Forbidden Fruits Films, and Jodi West in particular, that made you want to make Call Me Mother with her and her studio?

Harry Sparks: I actually wrote the story for "Call Me Mother" about four years ago for a screenwriting class I was taking. It wasn't until I heard about Forbidden Fruits Films that I realized I may have found the perfect studio to produce it and Jodi West seemed like the perfect person to play this role.


Fleshbot: This is being billed as their biggest production yet by a mile. How was it working with such a large budget? Is there any added pressure with a big budget or does it alleviate more problems than it creates?

Harry Sparks: I've worked with both big budgets and small in the past, and my dedication to the project is the same. I still feel the same responsibility to make the best movie I can possibly make because, at the end of the day, the audience doesn't care what the budget is as long as the end result is good.

The film is due to be released exclusively on DVD in August. 

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