"Stuff" Magazine Turns Its Back On Scantily Clad Cover Models

July 2, 2014 | Posted in Editorial Features by tucker-bankshot

According to The Telegraph (link below), the UK tech magazine "Stuff" has decided not to feature scantily clad women on its cover anymore. 

Editor-in-chief Will Findlater said: “We appreciate the readership has changed. It’s more of a general shift towards what’s acceptable and what’s good. It’s about showing off the good stuff we have as opposed to having an image that’s not related to that. We have been contacted about some people who don’t feel utterly comfortable reading a magazine with a picture of the model on the front cover.”

I understand that. You know, caving to the pressures of "some people" always seems to work out well for all people. Nevertheless, this is more a move to keep up with the times (you know, as much as a print magazine can).

Stuff deliberately used the female models on its cover so it would be placed next to the popular lads' mags in shops.

“Because the cover girl was positioned with those magazines it was going to be beneficial,” he explained.

But the magazine, which once had a male-dominated audience, now has a 40 per cent female readership, and is changing to become more accessible.

Well, I hope that works out for them. 

Via The Telegraph

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