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Gorgeous fetish/porn performer Eden Alexander has had some bad luck recently with medical problems, medical bills and the payment of those medical bills courtesy of some narrow-minded bankers who ended a crowdfunding campaign to help her because of her connection with pornography even though the campaign made zero mention of her connection to porn.  There's more to Alexander than this sickness and pain--there's also a whole lotta gorgeous.  Here's Alexander answering twenty questions.

1)  What kind of girl were you back in high school? Who did you hang out with/date?

I was the class clown who was kind of a punk girl so i pretty much stuck with the goth kids. The goth kids on the show South Park remind me a lot of my old friends, and I'm still friends with a lot of them today. I was the president of Student Radio and always was involved in the drama department, but more behind the scenes. It's no wonder I'm starting to direct now. 

I also rode and showed horses which is something I miss a lot. It was an invaluable yet humbling experience for me, because although I was rather talented and won a good amount of titles, my family didn't have a lot of money so a lot of the time I had to work for my riding lessons.  I also trained my own horse, whom we got from off the race track, almost like a rescue horse. It was never easy being around all the "mean girls", at school whose boots and saddles i had to polish like a work barter to be able to ride, but I think that's why i have such a tough spine now in the adult industry, I learned early on that character and talent have nothing to do with money or where you come from.

2)  Were you a porn fan before you got into the industry? Who were your favorite porn stars/favorite porn movies?

I can't say that I was. I was more of a dabbler of the BDSM lifestyle attending local poly/queer/fetish parties as a "civilian". Then I started pin up and glamor modeling. A local well-known bondage photographer called Chuck Stevens discovered my online portfolio and asked me: 

"If I'd ever liked to get tied up?"  Our first photo shoot I was able to take complicated suspension bondage ties. 

After I posted those photos on my portfolio, it was kind of all over from there. i became a full on fetishist, fetish model, and life stylist. i "came out" of the "Leather Closet", as they say. (Although honestly i prefer latex.) The rest as they say, is history...

3) How did you feel getting a nomination from almost every awards show this year? AVN, XBIZ, The Sex Awards, the Feminist Porn Awards, multiple film festivals, and the Fannies all gave you nods for something your either starred in or were part of an ensemble cast for. Were you surprised? 

It was shocking, I was shocked. I can remember where i was standing or what i was doing when each nomination was announced because I had to stop what i was doing and cry. It's not about actually winning an award, it's the nomination. It means something you've worked in or on was one of the best of the year. That's what really matters, because no matter how many times you get cancelled on or looked over for a role, no one can ever take that away from you. It also pushes you to go further, that validation.

For someone like me who does mostly BDSM and fetish type work, I was shocked to be embraced by the mainstream and the XXX reviewers with open arms. (like you guys here at Fleshbot, wow!)  I'm so humbled by it all, and it has really inspired me to become a director and make my own dark, twisted, perverted films. I want to give seriously talented people opportunities, make art, see the world, have fun with my friends. Now, I know I'm capable of it all. 


4)  What is your Emergency Medical fundraiser all about?

Unfortunately, back in March i was prescribed a common antidepressant that I was so allergic to, i had a near fatal drug reaction a few weeks later in April. It triggered a number of other problems and infections and was very confusing and difficult to diagnose. Shockingly, twice in a row in the same week, i was "doctor shamed", dismissed/brushed off and "slut shamed" by two different doctors. One brushed my symptoms off entirely and refused to examine the parts of my body that needed skin testing, and the other knew I was an adult actress and totally slut shamed me! It was so embarrassing and because of it i wasn't properly examined, tested, or treated. 

Long story short, because of all of this, I ended up in the ER with my nervous system totally shutting down, and my heart and lungs starting to shut down. Most of the infections have cleared out of my body, but I am still dealing with the symptoms and ramifications of the neurological poisoning, as it spread to my heart and lungs. There's nothing i can do but get lots of bed rest and "wait it out", as too much of any activity or excitement, good or bad, make me feel like I'm having a heart or asthma attack. I'm much better than I was a few weeks ago, but i had to cancel all my May and June work and am not sure when I'll be strong enough to perform again. I did have some money saved and I do have health insurance, but with just all the co-pays and trying to pay bills alone I quickly went through the money I had. I still have to have a serious of thyroid tests and screenings up ahead of me, and we're trying to raise enough money to help me pay for both my living expenses & medical bills. 

We'd like to raise as much money as possible, so with the leftover funds we can start a non profit specifically for sex worker medical emergencies. We need a "safety net " as performers, there is nothing of that sort in place right now. Not just for us, but for our families too. That sort of thing comes from comes from community, not industry. But that doesn't mean a community can't be built out of our industry, someone just has to take the first step. The non profit is tentatively named "Project Hollie, after my friend, performer Hollie Stevens who passed away of cancer in 2012.

Here is the link to my medical fundraiser. even if you only have $1 to spare, it would help so much:  https://www.crowdtilt.com/campaigns/eden-alexander-emergency-medical-care-fund

there's only few days left to go, so check it out and please help if you can!


5)  What/who do you want to do on-camera that you haven’t done yet?

I'd love to play a villain character in a porn parody. I recently auditioned for Maleficent but didn't land the role. it was great practice though! However, a character role along those lines would be fabulous. 

Also, I would also love to "cross over" and be in a B (or just bad) Horror Film.


6)  Who is your favorite male performer/female performer to work with and why?

I recently had a great time with Ike Diezel and Jessica Bangkok, both for Evil Angel, separately. I choose them because of all the natural, raw, dirty, filthy chemistry we had together. Cumswapping, spitting, choking, gagging, dirty talk & beyond, it was like and ideal Friday night at home for me during both shoots! 

Ike and Jessica are also both REALLY sweet and humble people off camera too, which is usually, ironically, the juxtaposition of top porn stars. There's a lot of really nice AND perverted people out there in XXX!



7)  You seem to really love your fans. Tell me how having this fan base has changed your life. -

My fans have dubbed themselves the "Eden Army", and they're incredible. They're my heart beat because they always have my back and I hold myself to a much higher integral standard because I know people, especially young girls look up to me. i now because they've told me so and tweet me on a regular basis. I try to be as good as a role model as i can be, as I'm a porn star and it blows my mind that people see me that way at all. I don't want to let them down. 

I also really love meeting fans at conventions, especially the couples who tell me my films make them have much better sex or try new things! At the risk of sounding incredibly narcissistic, it's very gratifying for me. 


8)  What’s your favorite position to get fucked in and why does it get you off?

I love ass up face down doggy style position whether it's regular or anal sex because that's that's how I cum the hardest. The cock hits all three parts of my pussy in that position and makes my ass explode into mind blowing orgasms.  


9)  What do you think makes your oral great? What tips on giving great head can you give us? 

I'm known for my sloppy head and cock sucking prowess, it's true. The only answer I can give is that I just really love giving pleasure and feeling a silky skinned, wet, throbbing hard cock in my mouth. Makes my pussy soaked! i have this thing where I want to suck and edge it 'til I get it to the point where it's so hard and throbbing I can't do anything but fuck it! 

As for suggestions: communicate with your partner ask him what feels good/what he likes. And also, practice makes perfect pervert! And please, don't be afraid to try new things. Who cares if you have balls in your mouth if you're giving your loved one pleasure? You can always study my cock sucking mania and pick up some new skills of your own by watching me on Evil Angel Video in "Sloppy Head 5" and the brand new release "Throat Fucks 5" out very soon!


10) What are the best things about being a porn star?      

As someone who is into some really kinky stuff, I'd say one of the best things about being a porn star is being about to live out your fantasies, no matter what they are. the dungeons, the costumes, the sets, the travel. It's a lot of hard work, but so totally worth it. 

Also, I'm not a "political" person, but I'm a feminist and a sex worker activist. I see my "celebrity" (we are not famous guys, mmkay? lol)  as a *platform* to speak up about what I think is right, the truth, or so that others who may not normally have access to that kind of information have it if they want to check it out. Education is SO important, and sexual education, I think is specifically lacking. 

What some porn stars don't realize is that people look up to them and sometimes they can be very young and impressionable people. You can't really control that, who watches you. So among all the fun, hot sexy stuff, you also have to do your part and give back in any way that you can. The way i choose to serve is by serving my industry by trying to organize community effort if the situation warrants or needs it. 

This "platform" I've been given is one of the best parts of being a porn star. It's definitely the most rewarding part for me. 

11) What do you think are your hottest scenes and what made them hot? 

When I shoot a mainstream XXX film, it's all about the on set chemistry I have with my co stars. That raw sexual energy really translates to the camera and makes a great porno flick.

When I shoot fetish or BDSM it's a little different because I step into a "character", so some of my hottest scenes have happened because of the intensity of the moment and how it was built up. 

Recently, I single tail-whipped a collared naked male hooded slave, outside, on a cross, arms out and shackled in crucifixion position, in the pouring rain wearing thigh boots and a latex dress.  It. Was. EPIC. You can check that scene out on ClubDom.com.

12) What do you think is your best scene from one of your other titles and what made it so exquisite for you?

I'm known as a huge squirter, and also as a great camgirl. So if you want to see both those things in full affect at once I'd check out my solo squirting scene: "Eden is a Stage-5 Squirter",  because those are 2 of my *best* talents that you almost never get to see in a porno film. It's been up on DirtyDiablos.com for close to 2 years now and it's still one of the site's top rated scenes. 


13)  Who are your role models in porn and how/why do they inspire you? 

Belladonna, Mistress Elise de Lacy of Femme Fatale Films and Bobbi Starr are all Dommes with beauty, grace, skill, poise, discerning minds, and are masters of directing and performing. I look up to them and their dark, creative, twisted, beautiful film styles very much.

Also, Nina Hartley because we had very similar upbringings. I've never related to anyone else in the industry more than her and she is always so wonderful every time I bump into her. She teaches me how to carry myself with grace, something severely lacking nowadays, and something I have to remember to bite my tongue and have a lot of.


14) As an Alternative performer, do you feel that there is more "Alt"  acceptance or demand for tattooed girls in porn now than there has been in the past?

I think "Alt" is kind of a trend right now. Ultimately it boils down to personality, hard work and talent. that's what the "x factor" is: an instinct that pushes you further to do MORE and your best 100% of the time. Some people "get it", some don't. it has nothing to do with luck. Sometimes it does, but it's usually while you're hard at work!  ;)

Personally, i think having lots of tattoos inhibits your career severely unless you plan on doing porn "just for fun" here and there. If you want to be a porn star, I would not suggest getting a ton of tattoos... for now. Having lots of tattoos throws you out of most casting pools because directors can't just place you into any role. They have to have a character role in mind for you, write something for you, and realistically, there's only so many gonzo scenes to go around for all the girls working today. Also, there are so many bad tattoos out there that some directors just hear the WORD "tattoo" and say "NOPE!"  It's pretty lame, but true. 

I'm hoping that as porn fans "evolve", tattoos will stop being such a big deal. There are SO many porn fans out there who want way more than just Barbie. Barbie is great, I'm not knocking her and I'd probably fuck her, but this myth that "her X look won't sell" is really something that people need to get over, bc it's not true. The booming webcamming industry proves that to be true. There's more variety. 


15)  What is the best mainstream movie you have seen recently? 

Moonrise Kingdom. It's not a "new" movie, but I haven't seen a better story told since. I'm a huge Wes Anderson fan. 



16)  How about the best porno movie? Is there someone whose movies you like to watch who is working now?  

I mostly follow directors I like. I watch a lot of updates from Rocco Siffredi, Mike Adriano, Jonni Darkko, Belladonna, Bobbi Starr, and FemDom content on Femme Fatale Films. I'm also enamored by Jay Sinn's shooting style. He makes the dirtiest things look so delightful, tasty and fun! How does he do that? it's MESMERIZING.  The FemDom Empire is pretty dang fierce too!


17) Are you into toys to get yourself off alone or are you a low-tech woman?

If there's a toy, i have it! If i don't have it yet, I want it!  (Or I at least would want to try it. I'll try anything twice!) 

Especially if it's fetish wear or bondage gear. Especially!

18) If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be? Give us your male and female choices. 

A Threesome with Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz. If I can't have them, Tom Hardy. Female, omg, Rihanna hellooooo. 

Or all of us as an orgy, omg, please excuse me for a moment...


19)  What is coming up for you? 

A long awaited solo girl site on the Teazeworld network later this summer, my directorial debut DVDs and films with Sinful Solos and Severe Society Films, launching my own film company: Dark Horse Adult Films, a subsidiary of Eden Alexander Productions, and I'm also going to be a Spiegler girl soon. I've got the "Golden Ticket",  I'm so excited! 

My latest DVD with Evil Angel is a 2014 Rising Star Showcase by Jonni Darkko. Throat Fucks 5 is out 7/2/14!  

Most of all, I'm just hoping to get healthy again and getting back to work it's my main priority right now. I just want to be a happy little Pony again.  :)


20)  Is there anything you want to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

Dear Fleshbot, I have a crush on you. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful words about my all around performing and activism, and even just for the opportunity to "introduce" myself in this interview. Let's turn our crush into a full blown love affair. <3

And thank you as always to the Eden Army, you keep my heart beating. Thank you especially to anyone who has donated to my Medical Care Fund to help me get back on my feet. My medical bills are adding up to $1k a week and I am so gracious and grateful to everyone who has already helped me out financially, emotionally, spiritually, all of you, thank you so much. 

And thanks again Fleshbot!!

Here's the link to my CrowdTilt fundraising page again, please help if you can, every $1 helps:  https://www.crowdtilt.com/campaigns/eden-alexander-emergency-medical-care-fund

All images provided by Alexander.  Please go throw her a couple of bucks at least, OK?

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