Pass the KY: Phil Varone's '100% Real Swingers: Kentucky Old Glory' Coming From Vivid

June 10, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by mcbeardo

As summer looms, Vivid Entertainment, where high-end hardcore glamour meets T&A-list celebrity sex tape, is rolling out an appropriately sultry, sweaty, and southern-fried celebration of no-holes-barred amateur fuck frenzies in the form of Phil Varone's 100% Real Swingers: Kentucky Old Glory.

Phil Varone, former drummer of legendary heavy metal squadron Saigon Kick and occasional skin-slapper for Skid Row and Vince Neill, has been reinventing his associations with the concept of  "head-banging" since the 2011 debut of his Secret Sex Stash amateur porn video line.

Varone's subsequent 100% Real Swingers series has ventured even further into the uninhibited, utterly unleashed realm of polyamorous pleasure pounding. And he promises this new Kentucky installment will have you doing more than just whistling with your Dixie. 

According to Vivid News:

Vivid Entertainment director and rocker Phil Varone has relased his latest movie, “100% Real Swingers: Kentucky Old Glory,” which will be available online at on June 10 and in stores on June 24.

Vivid said Varone, a veteran swinger for more than 20 years, flies around the U.S. looking for swingers to star in his wildly popular movies.

“I like to cast real swingers who are recommended by other swingers, since chemistry is most important when we film a large group,” Varone said.

In the new film, three couples plus one single female and one unattached male (Varone) are spotlighted.

“Maybe it’s the humid, subtropical climate of a state where the temperature gets up to 114 degrees that increases the urge to merge,” Varone said. “This group explores orgies, sex trains and so much more that I think it’s a good idea for viewers to hydrate before watching this wild ride.”

For the first time in any of his swinging movies, Varone and one of the husbands build a “glory hole,” which he portrays in the tradition of “This Old House,” so that viewers would find it easy to build their own.

“'Old Glory' is the epitome of what being in the swinging lifestyle is about. Great friends, great times and great respect for the lifestyle,” Varone added. “We’re obviously having such a good time that we know that viewers will too.”

Where should Phil Varone take his moveable fuck feast cameras to next? And mo(i)st importantly, how will you ladies out there entice him to come... your way?


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