Beautiful Agony: The Best Site You're Not Visiting

June 3, 2014 | Posted in Amateur by tucker-bankshot


The website Beautiful Agony, also known as "Facettes de La Petite Mort," is a new frontier in porn. The site posts videos of people's faces as the orgasm, and though the idea has been around since at least Andy Warhol did something similar in the 60s, in the age of excess we currently live in, this is a radical idea.

According to Vice (link below), the site has been around since 2004, but got a much needed boost in 2012 when performer Kamee (above) became the star of the site.

“It’s not like I just want people to watch me come or anything like that,” Kamee told me. “I did it because I wanted to support a project that is a safe space for people who wouldn’t video-tape themselves doing something like this.”

One of the best things about the site is its simplicity, which has remained essentially untouched since it debuted a decade ago.

Founded by Richard Lawrence and Lauren Olney in 2004, Beautiful Agony hasn’t changed a lot since its inception. The site still has an old Windows 90-something look to it. The only difference between now and its debut is the long list of monthly subscriptions Lawrence and Olney have collected over the years. Pay $15 and you have access to hundreds of videos of people finishing themselves off, and confessing their innermost sexual secrets, for a month. Pay $100 and you’ve got access for the entire year.

The site is mostly a phenomenon in Australia where it was formed, a where most of the performers are from, but it's accessible from anywhere, and hopefully grows into a worldwide phenomenon. Sometimes simplicity is sexy in and of itself. 

Via Vice

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