Fleshbot Exclusive: Sovereign Syre Answers Twenty Questions About Going B/G, "Hollywood Babylon" and More

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24074_hollywood_babylon_front_400x625Sovereign Syre has long been a Fleshbot crush and with her first boy/girl feature out to the world in "Hollywood Babylon", nothing can stop this beauty from being the top of the porn star world.

Hot Evil Angel director/MILF supreme Dana Vespoli directed this blockbuster tale of a girl lost in the promise of what stardom can do for her life and Syre shines in the role. So sit back, relax and read how Syre is prepared to take over your libido.

1. What kind of girl were you back in high school? Who did you hang out with/date?

I was very driven and indistractable. I attended a performing arts high school where I was a ballerina. I hung out with other art kids, mainly from costume design and theater, but I spent most of my time with a group of older writers and artists in the bohemian section of town after school. School was something completely different from my social life. When my friends went to work in the morning, I went to school. It was just like a workplace to me. I worked really hard though. By the time I was sixteen I was already in college, but still a virgin. I had a girlfriend, but I wouldn't let her do anything but kiss me. I thought sex might become a distraction.

2. Were you a porn fan before you got into the industry? Who were your favorite porn stars/favorite porn movies?

The first porn movie I ever saw was a video of Belladonna getting DP'd. It was really intense. I masturbated to it all the time, but wouldn't tell anyone about it, I guess because I thought people would think it was weird that as a female I liked seeing a woman get fucked like that. Then I found some stuff with Melissa Lauren, Bobbi Starr, Rocco Siffredi. It was really rough and intense, so I didn't tell my boyfriend about it, because even though it was exciting to me, I didn't want him to think I wanted him to do that to me. I wanted Rocco Siffredi to do it to me.

3. What made this the time to do your first boy/girl scene?
I'd wanted to do it since I started, but there's the social aspect, being ready to sever those bonds with civilian society. A year ago I did a g/g movie called "She's Come Undone" and there was a b/g softcore scene in the movie where I'm being roughed up by the guy. After the scene I kept thinking to myself that it would have been better if it was just a hardcore scene. I realized that I was ready, that I didn't even care about what people would think if they saw me in a b/g scene, I was just thinking in terms of the movie. The next day I called Dana Vespoli and asked her if she wanted my first b/g scene.


4. What/who do you want to do on-camera that you haven't done yet?

5. Who is your favorite male performer/female performer to work with and why?
There's no way to answer this without leaving someone amazing out. The best performers are the ones that can meet you in a scene, that you can find a dynamic with, that you can get lost in the dynamic with for the duration of the scene. They're also connected to you, unafraid of intimacy, eye contact, kissing, reading your temperment and pushing you further, knowing when to slap, when to stroke, when to kiss when to bite...and from a technical point of view, they don't create lulls in the action, they keep the energy up without turning the whole situation into a circus. Dana deArmond, Dani Daniels, Manuel Ferrara and James Deen come to mind.


6. What is working with Dana Vespoli like?
Like working with a big sister that you both admire and trust completely. I want to be her when I grow up. She has a gift for casting, she makes everything feel like a collaboration. You get a sense of her passion and intellect right away, but she's also incredibly humble and earthy so you feel comfortable to sort of give her everything and you know she's going to honor it and make it work.

7. What's your favorite position to get fucked in and why does it get you off?

My favorite position is the Rollercoaster. That's where you hold on and hope you don't die. I love to be frightened. Whatever position you can hold me down and make me come in, is the one I like. It's different with everybody.


8. What feels different about working with men on-camera versus women, if anything?

Intensity. Men are just generally more physical in a scene. I'm tall, so I appreciate finally being the one that gets thrown around. I also feel that with men I know that they're into it, that what we're doing is feeling good to them. Women are softer, more tender...you can make out the whole time. I like the inherent intimacy of fucking a woman, she's never going to forget that you're there, that your vagina is connected to your body.

9. On your blog, you state that you don't really identify as bisexual. Would you explain what that means to you for Fleshbot readers?

Sure. I don't really spend much time thinking about my sexuality. I just exist as I am. I find that I get resentful when people start asking me to define it. It's like debating whether or not there's a God. It just doesn't really matter to me and has no impact on my interior life.


10. What do you love/hate most about your character in "Hollywood Babylon"?
Her innocence, her immaturity.

11. What was working with JM Darling like? You two share a lot of screen time.
Like trying on a comfortable pair of shoes. JM Darling and I were a couple for three years and remain good friends and creative and business partners. He trained at RADA and in various projects has functioned as my acting coach. It was also sweet because he was the one that convinced me to move out of my small town and come to NYC to make it as an adult model five years ago and then he was there when I took the final leap into hardcore.


12. What do you think is your best girl/girl and boy/girl scene to date and what made it so exquisite for you?
I did a scene at Kink.com with Cherry Torn. It was an anal scene where I was dominated. She was such an amazing domme. She was both punitive and intimate. She would reward me with kisses and gentle touches and verbal reassurances. She fucked my ass while I was bound and it was some of the best anal sex I've ever had. It was just an incredible scene. I think that performing b/g finally broke through whatever barriers I was having with g/g. I feel like I finally became a good performer. Other great scenes are Dana DeArmond in "Lesbians Unchained", Sinn Sage in "Lesbian Sorority", Dani Daniels in "Dani Loves Girls", and Asa Akira in "Lesbian Masseuse 2".

Check out Syre in Dani Loves Girls.

My best b/g scene is trickier because I've only done a handful so far. I think the scene with James Deen in "Hollywood Babylon is incredibly strong. I was so nervous and excited and the scene called for my character to be naive and innocent and she's sort of violated, and I think in those terms, it couldn't have been more solid. The emotions you're seeing are so real. I'm totally overwhelmed and excited, I'm unsure of where things are going but being awakened to an entirely new thing. He put me through the ringer and I loved it and we met each other in the scene, we found a dynamic and it made for a great performance. He took me farther than I thought I could go on a first scene.


It was difficult though because my first five scenes were in a feature that required me to stay in character. In the scene with James it was hard because we couldn't just stop and makeout when I was feeling it, that wouldn't have fit the scenario. In my scene with St. Croix it was hot to play a character, he was calling me his daughter and his creation and I got to stay in that headspace, and if we were in a gonzo scene, and he suddenly started to say those things, for me to start playing along, that might have felt silly or fake…


13. You are a particularly great actress in this. What training have you had? Who are your role models in acting?

Thank you! I don't really have any acting role models, I guess I never really aspired to acting. I think of myself more as a performance artist, and in that regard I look up to Marina Abramović. I watched "The Artist is Present" and was blown away. I saw the potential for looking at adult performance the same way. I love to watch Daniel Day-Lewis and Leonardo diCaprio act in just about anything.

14. Do you think Hollywood is to blame for what happens to happens to your character or is it something else?

My character just wants to be powerful, to be loved, and everywhere she looks to see examples of women that are powerful or loved, they're movie stars, they're sex objects. I don't think it would ever occur to Nomi del Mar [Syre's character in "Hollywood Babylon"] to ask Dr. Wisher [Steven St. Croix's character in "Hollywood Babylon"] for a loan so she could go to medical school. Hollywood is a reflection of the society that creates it. It's not Hollywood, it's us, the audience, that keeps buying into these fantasies where everyone has to be perfect to be loved and beautiful to be valuable.


15. What is the best mainstream movie you have seen recently?

I really enjoyed "Only God Forgives". I love Bollywood. There's a great Bollywood movie, "Guzaarish" that's incredible: I showed Dana Vespoli the trailer as a joke once, "I was thinking we could do something like this?"

16. How about the best porno movie? What porn do you get off on?

My favorite series is "Raw". I've been a fan for a long time. I like the intimacy of it, the realness of the sex in it. I'm a romantic and I'm always trying to make love in scenes and that's what I want to see. I think the series does the best job of blending the hardcore gonzo feel without losing the warmth of more couples oriented releases because the sex isn't vanilla, it's passionate and rough and dirty, depending on the girl. I got be in the latest installation of "Raw", right after I finished "Hollywood Babylon", which was really awesome, to be in a series that you've watched for a long time. After doing a feature it was fun to do a scene where I just got to be myself.

17. Are you into toys to get yourself off alone or are you a low-tech woman?

When I'm away, I think about my Hitachi the way other people think about their families or friends. I worry if its okay in it's spot under the bed, if it misses me or not, if it's mad that I forgot it. When I get to be with an actual person, a toy seems like a weird prop that gets in the way.

18. If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be? Give us your male and female choices.

Mike Patton. Kate Upton. Preferably together.

19. What is coming up for you?

On June 4th, Dana Vespoli and I will be screening "Hollywood Babylon" at University of California Santa Barbara. I'm working on a few adult scripts I'd like to produce and direct. I'm definitely looking to get back into directing this year.


20. Is there anything you want to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?
Pay for your porn.
Learn to kiss.
Read more books.

So, do what the lady says and please go buy "Hollywood Babylon" from Evil Angel.

All images courtesy of Dana Vespoli Productions.

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