Sharon Mitchell, Porn’s Original Punk Star, Opens Up on Rialto Report

April 7, 2014 | Posted in Editorial Features by mcbeardo

Fleshbot sex saint and perpetual skinspiration Sharon Mitchell opens up in a no-holes-barred interview on the T&Amazing podcast, The Rialto Report.

Catholic girl gone wild Sharon bum-rushed the New York porn industry while still a leather-jacketed, switchblade-slashing street tough with a lithe, hard, supple and seductive young body built to conquer all comers.


Over the next quarter-century, Sharon reigned as one of porn's most distinct sex queens, and later she reinvented her role in the industry as a lone voice of medical sanity making sure that full-penetration fornication shoots could continue rolling safely into the future.

Sharon Mitchell has become a legend with 69 lives—each one more fascinating than the last, but none ever as mesmerizing as what she pulls off next.

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The Rialto Report, Ashley West's indispensible podcast dedicated to Golden Age adult entertainment, showcases a new interview with Sharon Mitchell that, like the lust-goddess herself, is engaging, arousing, intelligent, informative, funny, shocking, enlightening, and altogether awe-inspiring.


Married and divorced while still too young to vote(!), the Perth Amboy, New Jersey native debuted in the tellingly titled grindhouse smokers Too Young to Care (1975) and Les Nympho Teens (1976), broke through to X-rated superstardom in the title roles in the 1977 hardcore classics Joy and The Violation of Claudia (the latter of which was made by cult horror director William Lustig).


Embodying Manhattan's punk explosion in which she was an active participant (partying between shoots at CBGB's and the Mudd Club), Sharon brought tantalizing danger and erotic abandon to her every performance, ramrodding through the constraints of what constituted a traditional porn star the way the Ramones, et al, were simultaneously battering down the boundaries of rock.


By the dawn of the 1980s, "Mitch", as Sharon has long been affectionately nicknamed, ruled the big-screen jizz biz as one of the industry's most familiar and in-demand—not to mention sexiest—figures. Sadly, she also developed a gruesome heroin addiction that overtook her life, but never lessened her as a performer, for sixteen years.


After continuing to show up, strip down, turn on, and get viewers off in adult films deep into the ensuing decade, a clean and sober Mitch transformed herself into a professional sex educator and in 1998 founded the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation (AIM). For the next thirteen years, AIM served as the main STD-testing facility for porn stars and studios, and Mitch exhibited a brain to match her body in terms of transcendent power.


Sharon Mitchell has some story to tell. Go listen to her tell it on the Rialto Report—now!



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