Sasha Grey, True Detective

March 13, 2014 | Posted in Celebrity by peterlandau


Sasha Grey is the mystery girl in the montage opening for HBO hit series True Detective. According to The Daily Beast, where Marlow Stern reports:

"The shot of this mystery woman who pops up during True Detective's opening credits has confounded Redditors. But the image, the most striking and seductive of the panoply, looks an awful lot like ex-porn star Sasha Grey.

"I'm seated outside with Grey having lunch in Austin, Texas, where her latest film, Open Windows, is premiering as part of SXSW. She hasn't seen the aforementioned TV show, so I whip out my iPhone and show her the image of 'Woman and Crucifix.'

"'What the fuck?!' she exclaims. She's in shock. 'That's my nose! That's me! One hundred percent … I'm in True Detective!' she shrieks in jest. 'That's the opening credits? Yeah, I need to find out about this. That's so weird.'"

Weird or hot? That's a new segment we'll be running here on Fleshbot. Today's answer is: hot. Totally hot.

Turns out Sasha, like everyone else, can't stop talking about Russia, but not because of the current events and burgeoning Cold War rhetoric, but it' just another country when men are obsessed with her.

"They can physically relate, but more importantly, I think I represent a new kind of freedom and ideology among a lot of young Russians that they don't have right now. I think that, in the next 10 or 20 years, Russia's going to change. The youth numbers are so huge, so I think there will be a cultural revolution sooner than we think."

This Cold War just turned hot.

Via The Daily Beast

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