A "TSA" You'll Want A Strip Search From

January 20, 2014 | Posted in Editorial Features by lux-alptraum

IMG_7303This past week, we spent way too much time in the airport security line, cursing the TSA agents whose primary purpose seemed to be making our trip more miserable. If only our trip had taken place in the parallel porno universe where TSA stands for Touching Searching And Pussy Pounding--if it had, we'd probably have arrived at our destination in a much better mood.

Yes, in this version of airport security, terrorism is combatted, not through radiation emitting scanners, but through some good old fashioned strip searching and pat downs--with a body cavity search thrown in for good measure. And when passengers include lovely ladies like Andy San Dimas, April O'Neil, and Skin Diamond, can you really blame airport security for getting extra thorough in the searching?

And let's not forget the dutiful efforts of Diamond Foxxx, who makes sure male passengers aren't packing anything other than a rock hard cock. Which she then makes sure to thoroughly inspect. Hey, a cock like Anthony Rosano's could easily make a dangerous weapon.

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