"The Tunnel" Of Love: A Clemence Poesy Sex Scene

Oct 24, 2013 | Posted by Lux Alptraum in Editorial Features, TV/Movies
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In the second episode of French crime thriller "The Tunnel," Clemence Poesy disrobes for a sex scene. And with that, she introduces a new mystery.

Specifically: why aren't the producers of the show making an effort to show off Clemence's breasts? Last episode they were shielded from the camera by a bra, this episode they mostly lounge in the darkness during her sex scene (we don't even really get a glimpse of her beautiful birthmarks!). It's not like she's anti-nudity, and the show's already proved it's cool with showing boobs...maybe this is just their way of upping the suspense and keeping us watching until some big reveal in the final episode?

· "The Tunnel" (imdb.com)

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