Are You Trying to Seduce Your "New Black StepDaddy," Jessica Ryan?

September 3, 2013 | Posted in Hardcore by gram-ponante

"I know you and Mom haver a very healthy sex life," says the frank Jessica Ryan to her new stepdad (who happens to be black). "I get to hear the effects of that."

We are watching the important "My New Black Stepdaddy 15" and Ryan is putting the moves on Prince Yahshua, who is home early from work, settling in on the couch with the stock report, which happens to be "printed" on something called a "newspaper." What is he, 40?

I'll be honest. As the spokesman for my generation, our extended adolescence, spent pursuing unstable but intriguing careers in costal megalopolises, affords us the unique and increasing opportunity to meet the grown children of our high school classmates. Grown children who may have been told about us and who didn't take the stories as the cautionary tales their parents intended.

That is why this scene meant something to me. Yahshua is flustered by the onslaught but doesn't want to rebuff the poor girl, who clearly knows better. Not only that, but she knows right from wrong, and someone so flouting of the social contract might be rabbit-killing cray cray.

"My mom loves me dearly," Ryan says. "She'd want me to be happy, too."

"This is unappropriate," he says, feebly.

"How is it inappropriate?" she corrects him whilst freeing his dick. "You're not really resisting."

We/I/you can see it all going downhill from here. Whenever Yahshua or Ryan have a problem with Mom, they will take shelter in each other. Soon both will engineer reasons to take issue with Mom. And then Mom will be pushed out. What will happen then? With Yahshua and Ryan get married?

Boy. They'd better start enforcing that condom law or the whole social fabric will be ripped apart.

No jury in the world would convict Yahshua for what he does, pale temptress that his stepdaughter is, but we are troubled.

The best outcome would be that Mom never finds out, because I think it would crush her, Friends. As it is, Yahshua and Ryan will have to live with their crime.

There are a lot of reasons to like Jessica Ryan. She's sexy without overdoing it, as evidenced, right off the bat, by her chosen porn name. She also knows the value of turning one's cat into Totoro.

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