Meet Avril Hall: Contortionist

August 30, 2013 | Posted in Hardcore by gram-ponante

To look at Avril Hall is to be concerned, Scratchy voice, erratic movements. skin and bones. But then she puts her feet behind her head and we realize we had unjustly engaged in meth-shaming.

Hall (who chose the name Avril because she gets told she looks like Avril Lavigne) is meeting the appreciative Will Powers for "Teen Tryouts 61." As she strips by the pool, we think that, if she accidentally swallows, we will see the sperm actually traveling through her body, she's so skinny.

But she is undeniably sexy, like an erotic squirrel. Still, we feel guiltier than usual watching her, because we're just this side of Apprehensive about her well-being.

"Teen Tryouts" is all about first times, but it is clear Hall knows her way around a porn scene. When she pretzels her feet behind her head, Powers gasps, and we know that she's exactly where she needs to be and that she'll probably be just fine.

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