Miranda Kerr As A Topless Hannah Montana/Daenerys Targaryen?

August 28, 2013 | Posted in Celebrity by ottimo-massimo

DontLookAtUsLikeThat"Come on, Fleshbot," you say. "Not everything online has to do with Miley Cyrus or 'Game of Thrones.'" Pfft. Shows how much you know! Maybe Miranda isn't blonde for the sake of a raunchy celeb or a dragon queen, but no one can say for sure, so we choose to believe what we want.

Also, the picture of Miranda holding those cartons of eggs makes us giggle for some reason and we don't know why.

[ETA: Our lovely commenters have pointed out that this is a tribute to Italian pornstar turned member of Parliament Cicciolina. Thanks, guys!]

· Via Nowearland (nowearland.com)

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