"Young Toes Before Hoes" Isn't Really A Choice

August 23, 2013 | Posted in straight by gram-ponante

Scholars will debate for years about what is meant by the title "Young Toes Before Hoes," but I—no scholar—will instead ponder the memory of Bailey Blue spitting semen on her feet.

The lovely Bailey Blue is joined by Mick Blue (no relation) in a scene that—true—clearly shows her feet attached to her legs but otherwise spends no time on them. For the occasion Blue has painted her toenails black, flounces around for a bit with her feet on display, masturbates Mr. Blue for a while, and then executes a perfectly competent porn scene before—uncomfortably, it looks like—gathering all Mr. Blue's semen in her mouth and then spitting it on her toes.

Not being a foot person myself, I wasn't converted into one by this scene. And had I the time to consult the Porn Valley Foot Lobby, I doubt they would have said this scene meets all the criteria for the discerning fetishist.

But no matter: in between shots of her feet and what she had to do with them, Bailey Blue was a star, and we weren't thinking about her toes, or the title of this movie, at all.

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